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Singing Remedy

SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
Hey Divas,

what was the most frustrating thing about your singing ability? was it hitting the high notes, breath control, the transition form chest voice to head voice?
And what did you do to solve that problem? let me know and i will tell you what i did to solve the problems i was facing with my singing.




  • JoyceJoyce Posts: 130Pro
    Hello Sonika,
    As far as I am concerned, it's breathing and support I find the most difficult.
    I am still learning to bridge and that goes well.
    What about you ?
  • SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
    hi @joyce,
    hope all is well and you had a great sunday. well i have not had any difficulties lately only because i have been following Ken's advise. to me your diaphragm is the engine that drives your ship and if it's not in good working condition then it can't go anywhere, i suggest that you keep working on strengthening your diaphram and that in turn with help with your breath control. 

    hope i was helpful :) just keep practicing.     
  • ChriscelloChriscello Posts: 14Pro
    edited May 2014
    Hello Sonika,

    I'm currently on Volume 1. Transitioning from chest to head doing the Lah exercises was challenging. Before KTVA I would just transition from head to chest at A4 and avoided problems with register breaks. Now I hear that we are to go to the top of our chest voice and then transition. That would be around C5. Sometimes I didn't clear it (yodel) and sometimes I did. Watching the videos Ken spoke about the yawn feeling, and now I clear it. Not sure if this is correct thought; need to review the videos. Now the next set of obstacles is having clear notes at the top of my range, clean up bottom of range, improve tone, continue strengthening the diaphragm, and more I don't know about. Would strengthening the diaphragm solve most of those? 

    Any advice or stories from when you first started with Ken? I'm still studying the videos in Volume 1. I am pleased by the progress so far. 

    Your videos on You Tube are really good; last one I saw was How to Sing Like Mariah Carey. While I'm no where near ready for singing those songs there is quite a bit of good advice in addition to good singing; vowel mods etc. 
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