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Next time you're feeling "too old" to sing or perform - read this.

NigelNigel Posts: 138Administrator
Hey guys,

I have this discussion with Ken on a semi regular basis, how age relates to the ability to perform.  Well, even though I can't sing my way out of a paper bag (I'm just the web guy and administrator) I have been in the music business as a photographer for a long time and one of my favorite bands is Motorhead.

Before you laugh, I want you to check out their tour schedule and remember that lead vocalist and bassist Lemmy is 66 years old and tours around the world continually and records a new album every two years.  Also remember that his style of "singing" is extremely stressful.

Just remember, you are never too old - check out tour schedule, current and past:  Motorhead Tour Schedule

I hope you get a chuckle and some motivation from this :)



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