(So long story) About my *$@%?*! sad singing story & CURSED mid-20s.

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Hi. guys. I need a few words of consolation...

I'm 27 years old Korean guy. Let me tell you about my story.

I had good power & high range until my first singing lesson.

My first singing lesson is at 4 years ago.
The first lesson is Seth Rigghs SLS method from Korean instructor. (about 18 months)
I lost my range and power. But my sound was not squeeze and no strain. I could vibrato.
So I thought that "It is proccess to get good singing technic".
I took lessons about 18 months, But I had not power and range, still.

So I stopped his lesson. (My first vocal coach)

Then, I studied with other coach(My second coach).
The coach had been SLS instructor level 2.
He said his method is upgrade version of Speech Level Singing which his developed. I believed him.

He said to me:
1) I should practice the "low notes airy tone".
ex) Mariah Carey's airy low notes
2) I should pratice the "low notes pure head voice".
3) My voice should be changed to low notes airy head voice(Mariah Carey) and high notes pulling & strong chest voice
(ex: Louis Armstrong or James Brown or Michael Bolton's sound).

The more I took his lessons(about 10 months), My voice was changed to can't control, cracks a lot, too much airy in low and never appear vibrato & long tone.
I stopped his lesson.

Then, I studied with 2 coaches(They don't teach with SLS method). (1 month with a coach, and then 1 month with the other coach)
NO RESULT in my singing...

I had Endoscopy.
Endoscopy results say: 
1. The right vocal cord is thicker than the left one

2. Around First Bridge(E above Middle C), right arytenoids cartilage pushed left arytenoids, which caused the whole vocal cords to twist left.

3. The doctor told me the spot where right arytenoid cartilage pushes left arytenoids cartilage, and this spot exactly matches with where I feel painful when I sing higher than E notes. (about male's High C)

4. Vocal cords have to be white, but mine was close to black because of tiredness. 

5. There were no vocal cords nodules and vocal polyp detected.

And then after 4 months(April, 3 months ago from now) I discovered Brett Manning Singing Success.
I bought Singing Success Program, Mastering Mix Program, Mastering Vibrato Program, authority of Singing Success TV.
In addition, I took lessons 6 times with Singing Success coaches. 
Result? NOTHING.
Still I can't Vibrato. Still my losed powerful range is not come back! &*#$!. 
Even, My sound often flip in the LOW NOTE.

I wasted very much money, I wasted time.  I'M NOT RICH. JUST invested for my dream........ *&#@!

During in my mid-20s? I have NOTHING. I dosen't computer games, I dosen't making girl friend. I had only singing exercise in the room for my dream!!!
My money? It's all wasted about singing lesson.

But now, my singing is *%$@!
In addtion, I have stomach disorder because of stress! Haha!!!...
My mid-20s(23~27 old) was CURSED.

EVEN, I leaved my job(I was Computer Programmer, My university major is Computer Science). Because the second coach's proposition. He suggested to me that be the partnership. He said that He will make me to top vocal trainer & top pro singer.
Why I believe that? Because He's scale abillity is really good(Not actually singing But scale). He can reach C7. And His third bridge is powerful. But,,, He was never singing actually song.

frustrated, foolish, no hope.

How are the Ken Tamplin method?
Yeah, I saw many comments on various singing web-site. Many singers said "KTVA is effective more than other methods".
Ken said "SLS dosen't work". Yeah I agree.
But KTVA is really work? effective? Even for me? (losed voice seriously)

Now I don't have hope. I'm going to give up my Pro-singer dream.
Is there a guy who can understand my sad feeling?

Sorry poor my English. Isn't my first language.
Thanks for reading....


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Hi, @findmyrealvoice.

    I'm sorry to hear about all the bad advice you've been following, and especially about the state of your voice at this point.  Certainly it's understandable that you are sad about losing your singing dream.

    I'm not a throat specialist, so I can't tell you if the medical conditions you've described need to be treated by a physician.  You should consult with a medical professional and see what they recommend.

    I do know that Ken Tamplin can listen to a person's voice and often recommend exercises that can help to rehabilitate poor habits and allow singers to regain their voices.  He can also detect if you are doing something that is making matters worse.

    It is also very important to use good technique whenever singing, in order to avoid injuring your voice in the first place, and to avoid further injury once problems occur.

    I think you should book a consultative session with Ken, and let him know beforehand what you have told us here.

    Ken Tamplin's vocal methods work.  But I can't advise you to just start workouts on his program with the conditions you've described.  I think you need a consult with Ken.  He has a lot of experience helping singers get their voices back.

    Contact ktvahelp@gmail.com and send them a copy of your message here.  Ask to book a consult with Ken.

    He has a lot going on right now, so it may take a while to get a reply.  Please be patient.


    I hope we see you here posting demos before long, following your dream once again.  And turning your dreams into reality...

    Good Singing to You!

    : ^ )



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    findmyrealvoicefindmyrealvoice Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Bob.
    OK. I will do that.
    By the way, What is the consulting?
    If I send a introduce Email, Ken will reply Email with diagnosis? or diagnosis through Skype?

    The consulting is free charge?
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    A consult is usually a brief webcam where Ken will listen to you and decide what you may need to do, tell you if he thinks he can help you, possibly give you some exercises to help you.

    It may be 15 minutes, maybe 30 minutes. 

    You would book it as a regular webcam, but instead of mostly singing through it, you will be discussing your vocal issues.  You would need to ask about charges when scheduling.  It will depend on the amount of time it takes.  Ken is very fair. 



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    jrejre Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 98
    @findmyrealvoice‌ I want to say that I agree with Bob about getting a consult from Ken. Also this is a very supportive community. Many of us including myself are here after spending lots of money on other programs that did not work for us. I too had lost the good parts of my voice in my search to improve it and using bad (no) technique.I am now gradually getting back on track with KTVA. Talk to Ken. Best of luck!
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    findmyrealvoicefindmyrealvoice Member Posts: 7
    Thank you jre.
    I like Brian Mcknight, Mariah Carey, Eric benet, Boyz ll Men style. Can I these singing with KTVA method?
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    jrejre Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 98
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    @findmyrealvoice‌ I am a just a newbee (about six weeks ) but this is how I see it...KTVA will help you build a flexible, powerful and healthy vocal technique. In time with dedication and diligent practice a singer in this program can sing any style they choose but first the foundation must be built. So the long answer is yes but I hope as your username suggests you will find YOUR voice and style.I think as Bob said consulting with Ken would be wise. Also have you considered having your vocal folds examined again? Maybe now that some time has passed the results could be different. I'm no doctor though... Just a thought.
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