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Can't tell if my change in tone is because of practicing or a slight hoarseness/injury etc

Hey guys,

this week as I was practicing I noticed my middle-range (don't want to say mix, since I'm doing the exercises in all chest) sounds a bit different than usual.  So I recorded myself singing the "AH AA" exercise.  It doesn't hurt, but I can't tell if the tone is a result of my continuous practising and getting better in general, or if I somehow slightly blew out my voice or something similar so I should rest my voice for a week or so.  And even though it doesn't hurt, I find I can't sing the entire scales in the exercises in chest (I could near the end of last week), but I don't know if it's just the inconsistency that comes when you are expanding your range.  An example of where the sound is is around 1:15 or so in the file, I believe you'll know it when you here it.  

EDIT:  also, maybe I'm adding a little bit of "distortion" to my voice there?  Idk, maybe somebody can tell

Another edit: As a result of some papers I had to write this week and the last, barring weekends I'm averaging between 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  If my voice is hoarse, could this be a factor and how long of normal sleep would it take to get better?

Thanks guys.


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    You need sleep to restore your voice to normal resiliency.  Also, if you have pushed your voice recently, whether during your workouts or other  practice, it will weaken your upper midrange.  This should be restored relatively soon, and should not be cause for concern. 

    It might be helpful for you to cut back the amount of air you are using for your exercises. 

    Listen to the instructions when Ken says to make sure you are doing the exercises lightly and that you need to make sure you're not belting and pushing too hard.

    The highest parts of your exercise is where your voice is breaking up a bit, and that will tax your voice.  Don't push on through that when your voice is getting tired.  Give your voice a day or so to recover.  Then get back after it, being mindful to avoid overpushing or you will set your voice back again. 

    It's a fine line between gradually stretching and overdoing it.  Try to maintain that balance of staying just shy of exceeding the limits of your cords.  If the note won't come, don't belt to force it.



    The key to that is to do the exercises lightly when you feel worn.

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