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Struggling with my bridge

hello there, thanks to ken since I started doing exercises for a week now I can already see improvements in my voice, but one thing that I'm struggling with is my bridge which is normal at this rate I think, but it's really frustrating when I'm doing vowel exercises or singing songs and when it goes higher than a certain range (I don't know exactly where) my voice is like disconnecting for a second (just like ken demonstrates in how to sing mix voice video on youtube) and then goes to my head voice and it's mostly airy weak sound rather than how it should sound. the interesting thing is I can already sing pretty high and it's not hard for me to do it but the problem is when I'm going through my bridge to sing high that's when my voice cracks and there is a big gap between it, so I wanted to ask if I should just keep doing the exercises and it will eventually get better or I should start focusing on some specific exercises. thanks!


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