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The "La" all advise applied Very short Video

Hi guys I promise I won't post another video for 7 days if you will just give me feedback on this short video before I practice anymore, I sure would appreciate it, I understand I am probably posting too much, but I just need to get it right.

I need a favor for some advise on this video, I have applied everyone's advise including the Big Mac, I need to see if my mouth is opened enough, it is full on open, I am not able to get it opened any more than what is in the video. also have taken a big belly breath, trying to smile but my mouth is opened so wide It does not look like I am smiling however I am thinking happy big smile thoughts.

Thank you in advance for more of your time.


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  • RoxyRoxy 2.0 PRO Posts: 107
    This is GREAT news @HuduVudu , thank you I am encouraged to get back to practicing.

    My belly was full of air. Thank you for the scale advice, that sounds like something I can handle, going up the scale just a little at a time. If you can try to send your midi file, that would be AWESOME! my keyboard has a usb. I am new to the keyboard as well so I am not sure how to make a midi however I can research that on youtube.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my post I greatly appreciate it!

  • RoxyRoxy 2.0 PRO Posts: 107
    Hi @videoace this is also great news, I finally got my mouth to open wide enough, I am sure it was thinking about a "Big Mac" :smiley: the "L" sometimes slows me down, for me the scale is fast and it is hard for me to think of everything so to save time I dropped the L on this video, I will add the "L" back in when I practice. I am very excited to get back to practicing.

    As far as the bridging exercise, I have not gotten past the "Lah" is bridging in lesson 1?

    Thank you as well for taking the time to answer this post, I greatly appreciate it!!!

    The encouraged Roxy, feeling more like Rockin Roxy at the moment with such great news!!!
  • RoxyRoxy 2.0 PRO Posts: 107
    Thank you Bob I shall do just that, thank you so much for your feedback I greatly appreciate it!!!!

    Very excited Roxy!
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