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Can someone help me know what chest and mixed voice should sound like?

ThatK1D03ThatK1D03 2.0 PRO Posts: 31
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Im confused on what is my chest voice and mixed voice, because when I sing a song lets say Mercy Me's I can only imagine, when the last chorus comes I switch to like a lower level of singing it sounds okay to me but I'm not sure if thats right or not. Is the lower voice chest or is the voice I start out with is voice or is the voice I start out with is mixed. Plus when I listen to some songs and when I sing along my voice tries to adapt to it like if it sounds to high I start with that low voice but I sound decent (its kinda like speaking level) but if I dont play the music my voice starts off different and sounds a more better but its like my voice changes when I sing with the song on campared to singing without the song playing. I dont know what voice type I'am neither, my sister keeps saying I'm a bass but I think I might be somewhere in the bare tone range. Can someone please help me, I want to know if this is SLS or not because I dont want to sing in SLS. Thanks-That K1D 03


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