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Vocal cord problems while I hold a sustain note longer than 3 seconds.

PeterpetPeterpet Member Posts: 14
edited October 2018 in Vocal Health and Wellness
Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my voice while hold a sustain note longer than 3 seconds.

If I want to hold a sustain note(like longer than 2 or 3 seconds), its shake/vibrate fast, and also little bit hurt my vocal cords, but it is not always it switching.
I have no clue what the problem is, its also happened on B3 before C4, and above C4 the belting notes. How higher how more difficult. but the B3 before C4 is not difficult/or strainy for me.

I want to mention that I sing for 2 half years, and never singing before in my life.
When I start singing 2 years ago I tried only belting and sing high what is bad for your voice. Later I realized and discovered that I first had to learn to sing normally.

But I'm desperate, I want to sing and hold a sustain note without problems.

Does someone now how I can Fix the problem and what is happened?

All the best!



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