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Problem with high notes

Hello everybody!

When i want to play scales like with the "is the lah-ah" and get to higher notes like E4-F4 ( im a bass - low bariton ) my voice goes into a kind of "head voice" and my throat get dry and hurt a bit.

any sugesstion?


  • HuduVuduHuduVudu Posts: 6342.0 PRO
    That your throat is getting dry and hurts means you are doing it wrong. You need to back down and build a strong foundation and techniques at ranges that you comfortable with. You can push a little at the top end but not very much and it shouldn't hurt.
  • videoacevideoace Posts: 2,112Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Your throat is getting dry from too much air passing across the cords which in turn irritates the cords.

    Peace, Tony
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