Tongue placement

hi, My name is Steve,I'm a newbie to the course but have been singing for quite a few years without formal coaching. What I'm struggling with is, I'm finding it impossible to keep the tongue flat while doing the AH exercises. My tongue naturally comes up and sort of curves the opposite way to Ken's especially ascending the scale. I have no idea how he makes the soft pallete disappear either?...any tips would be greatly appreciated as I think if I ignore this it could really restrict my progress?


  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    @Steve079 For my tongue I just work to make sure that I am touching the back of my lower teeth with it. This gives me feed back if my tongue starts to wander. So I can put it back in place.

    I figured out first what my soft pallet was and second how to get it to come up, by doing lip burbles. To get the lower air flow that you need to do the lip burble correctly you need to get your soft pallet to come up. This will take some experimentation on your part but it kinda feels like you are an opera singer doing the burbles. Your goal with them is to make it so you are using so little air that if you put a candle in front of your mouth you won't blow it out. Just like Ken says. The way I determined how much air that was, was by using a barbecue lighter and figuring out what amount of air wouldn't blow out the flame. I then put the back of my hand near my mouth to get an idea of what that amount of air felt like on the back of my hand. Then I used the back of my hand to determine air flow. Not the most exacting way, but it worked. I figured out how to get my soft pallet to raise.
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