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Newbie Music genre change question

YunalescaYunalesca Member Posts: 2
I have just joined to 'test the water' so speak.

I was trained classically when I was a child (5- 16) I wasn't too bad ... I was no Montserrat Caballe but I could hold a tune. I quit when I went to college because I had hit my goth phase and opera and classical was "just not cool". I semi regret this decision as I lost a lot of time and practice. I finally decided to get back on it and ended up having issues with stage fright or what I personally refer to as 'the fear'. I'm slowly, slowly overcoming this with much practice (I'm still working on it).

My question now is I am never going to be an opera singer and to be honest I don't want to be anymore so that's fine (hence the semi regret); however moving from a very classical training technique to transition to my preference of Hard rock style music is proving a challenge (and rightly so I have no delusions here). Could anyone point me in the direction of some good tutorials as a starter for 10 that could be useful to me as I do not want to destroy my vocal chords with the move.

Thank you all in advance


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