21 year old novice from Israel

Hi all! i'm pretty exited to engage here with you all. My name Is Idan and I am from Haifa, Israel.

I have a battle going inside me every single day.
On the one side I have an angle telling me my destiny is to sing amazingly good while the other side tells me i'll never be able to. the first is with me on my "good singing days" and every time I hear one of my favorite singers. the second is there every time I try to sing something difficult/in front of people/when I start thinking about actually succeeding in learning how to sing.

I listen to heavy metal music all the way from bright high pitched singers to mighty growls >:) but as a musician I can appreciate all genres of music. given that metal music is really damn difficult to sing I consistently feel inadequate singing that even though I hit the notes.

My main problem is that I am such a stressful man... I just can't seem to grasp how to sing openly and from the diaphragm. Every time I sing it sounds like someone is choking me and I last 2-3 songs tops until I start to have problems singing phrases. The pressure of singing right is taking control over me and creating A SHIT TON of tension in my chest, neck and throat which I can't seem to relax.

My biggest dream is to sing like my singing idols. and I hope that with the helo of ken and you people i'll achive my dream :)

To this journey and you guys,


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