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Sinus infection - Post nasal drip hell

Hey guys,

In the last several webinars, Ken has mentioned that he's been dealing with a chronic sinus infection and post nasal drip. He also mentioned he believes the severity of it may have something to do with chemtrails and geo engineering.

I also live in California, and several months ago I've gotten this nasty sinus infection for the first time in my life and I simply haven't been able to shake it off.

Very long story short, been through tons of treatments from nasal irrigation, nasal steroid sprays, anti-histamines, you name it, nothing helped.
I'm now done with 4 rounds of anti-biotics of varying dosages, and while it helped stop pain and swelling , it hasn't really cured me of the post nasal symptoms.
Had a CT scan done of the sinuses and everything looks clear, no obstructions, everything seems cured, and yet the post nasal s**t won't go away. Some days better than others, but it's always there.
This drainage really takes it's toll on the voice, covering the cords, obstructing notes, messing up the tone, making it difficult to go high or sometime go low.
I do all the bright timbre tone exercises the way Ken does them when he says that will clear the cords, and while it does help temporarily, it's definitely not a cure, as the junk quickly returns.
I wonder if anyone here dealt with a similar situation, and if so what helped them clear up their voice of that junk so the voice will be reliable and fully functional, or if you have any tips on how to get rid of post nasal drip completley once the sinus infection wore off.



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    I don't know if you saw kokonuht's post from about a couple of weeks ago with a link to Ken's recommendations for various remedies for the voice.  Ken isn't endorsing any of the items, but he IS sharing with us what he has found that works for him...

    Ken's Vocal Wellness Youtube Video

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    Lots of awesome info. Just in case anyone misses it ;)

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    Awesome video!
    Appreciate the input guys.
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    I have chronic sinusitus and I make big batches of 50/50ish fruitjuice green tea blends get the flavored tea that closest matches the juice. Experiment have fun it works for me.
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    Guys, again I'm gonna give you some advice as a pharmacist but also as a former patient (I've been operated on sinuses).

    1. Use a 10ml syringe (no needle of course!!) and pump salt water in your nose. It has to be lukewarm, a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. If you can pump it through the nose and spit it out of the mouth without choking (be extremely careful), do it. Otherwise, just let it run out of the nose.

    2. Consult a doctor on a cortisone spray. The best cortisone esters for this are budesonide, mometasone and fluticasone, the latter being probably the best. Do NOT fear cortisone in nasal spray form, it does not get into systematic blood stream, it stays locally in the nose area and sinuses.

    3.Quit riding motorbikes....I know it's something that many of you will find as a nightmare, but unfortunately riding bikes is the worst thing to do if you have this problem. My doctor told me: "Do you want to have your Yamaha Fazer 600, or be a singer?" The next day I sold the bike, just like that...!!

    4. SAUNA!! Yes, you heard me right. Go to a gym and use the sauna facillity. It will help heaps!! It will make the sinus content less viscous and it will start running out of the nose. It could run behind the nose and into the mouth too, but this won't hurt the vocal chords.

    5. NO SMOKING!!!!!!! At all!!!!!! The small particles of smoke creep up in the sinus cavities and cause more inflammation than anything else you could imagine. It's the same effect like riding a motorcycle, only it's far worse.

    I'm not suggesting the antibiotics cure, because if you don't do all the above, it won't do much good. It has to be done for 3 weeks straight, and at the end you're back at the beggining if you don't do all the rest.

    Now why did I end up being operated on? Well, in Greece we have to serve in the army for a year, it's mandatory. I served in some places that the moisture and the cold were extreme, and we were out in the open all the time. It was an unfortunate coincidence at that part of my life, because my sinus infection was at its peak. So it got so bad that another problem was produced by that, and had to be operated on.

    Hope I helped!!
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