Greetings from Germany

Hello there,

I just enrolled to KTVA. It's a pleasure to be here, I'm looking forward to get to know you guys. And I am pretty excited to go on the journey to become a vocalist.

Just for a little indroduction:
My name is Matthias, I am a 25 years old student and live in Germany. I am a musican (playing the guitar) for about 15 years (with some unintended breaks), as well as a sound engineer for about 10 years.

But when it comes to singing I am an absolute novice. Even worse: I deliberately stopped singing in fifth grade due to my music teacher. He kinda smashed my confidence in my singing. So I stopped singing in general especially in public, but I always felt the stong need to sing along. I just restrained myself.

Now almost 15 years later it seems like I finally start to break the walls i built myself. Singing just feels right for my on an deep emotional level. That's why I want to learn it, and share with others. And that's where I put my trust in Ken and you guys on the forum.

I will soon put some karaoke songs online as reference where I'm off to start, and I'd appreciate any comment there.

Guess thats enough for the time being, so I'm now of to the first LAHs.

See You.


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