Hey Everyone I'm Joe a newer singer from UK

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Hi everyone I'm Joe from South West area of UK

I'm 48yrs young & relatively new singer only a few years (6) but luckily have progressed quickly to now become a full time professional singer doing it for a living for nearly 2 years which is great.

I originally enrolled with KTVA just under 2 yrs ago but never actually started the course as so busy with shows & trying to get a business from it. That said I'm now ready to seriously commit to the 2.0 course that I purchased earlier this year.

My main concern is that I'm doing 2 - 3 shows a week at present & more in run up to Christmas but then I have a whole 3 weeks off between Christmas & early January.

I wish to know the following...

1) can I do the Pro course while still performing or do I need to have a minimum amount of time spare to start it ?... My main fear is that I'll be continuing to maybe use existing bad habits / Techniques while trying to learn Ken's way....

2) Also I do a number of different tribute shows over here dedicated to certain artists which involved me mimicking the original vocal to be a sound-a-like as it were as tributes are big business for me here. In my quest to build my voice stronger for more range & stamina for constant shows... Will the course change or alter my tone & pronunciation much ?.. As this may effect my ability to perform the higher paying tribute shows?

Thanks to anyone who can help me get started or advise me on best ways to maximise from the the course



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    hi @joe247show glad to hear from you, absolutly, you should do it every day, even when performing, it will really rock your voice and will get you out of any bad habbits you may have already, so dont hesitate to do it,
    it will obviously be better while you arent singing because you will get in to the good habits faster, but it will instantly make you feel more comfortable while you sing when you have a performance, and will make your voice way stronger, if you are kind of hoarse or tired it will recover you, it will get you through from a bad cold
    so dont hesitate on doing it every day,or 5 to 6 days a week

    on your second question, you can always go back and do the mimicking , your tone will just become better, stronger, the point is that whatever you do, you always know what the real technique is, and go back to it on your training, this way youll always know what you are doing, but getting back to technique is the most important thing to maintain your voice strong and not lose it in time by mimicking or any bad habits you could get from this, so dont worry about it
    your voice will rock as the title says "better than anyone else"
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    Wow Gaston thank you so much for your amazing reply, it's making me feel better already...

    I've always been a bit of a perfectionist & critique myself heavily even on a good show so always striving to get better.

    I've been blessed with an ability to copy / impersonate many of my favourite artists during my shows, something over here that get's you much bigger shows etc so to know it will only help what I do is critical for me.

    I so wish I enrolled on here much sooner now.

    Would you recommend I watch the beginners course through start to finish before actually trying to do it physically??

    Thanks again Gaston
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    absolutely! you just said i,t you are a perfectionist on mimicking, MIMICK KEN in every single thing he teaches watch detail since you are good at that, so take your time, it will blow your mind! this is the best investment youve done for music, i{ve been doing it since 2011 i think and trust me i did every course I could, went to many teachers books etc, this is THE REAL DEAL
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    Top man Gaston thank you

    I have a performing related question but not to do with the course as such but not sure if where or if I can post it on here?.. It's simply that I really struggle to learn lyrics (mainly cos of my age I believe ) so desperate to loose the lyric sheets & support on stage but love to know what different techniques people use to memorise other peoples songs they haven't written themselves ...

    Could I ask this somewhere on here?
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    @247joe im the worst at remembering songs haha, but whenever I learn them I really put the time verse by verse, I understand that since you are in a cover band is complicated because you are learning songs every week sometimes, its a hard one for me but, maybe someone else in the forum can give you a tip on that :)
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    I will do a post on here ...it's not so bad for as I'm solo now so sing to backing tracks so it never strays musically like it did with previous bands lol :D
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    Welcome Joe! Good to have you here :)

    Know that you have come to a great community to help you out with any aspect of singing.
    Doing KTVA is a slow and very rewarding process. Aim for quality workouts, monitoring yourself and checking the videos again now and then. Also notice that there is a PRO videos section in the forum. There is some amazing material there where Ken teaches students.

    Enjoy the ride!


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    Thanks Ben very much appreciated
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    Welcome, Joe.

    You may think this is cheating, but a lot of people keep copies of their entire library of lyrics on an ipad these days, alphabetically arranged by title. I have one at my drumset. It's handy when you get requests, too. You can have thousands of songs, and sing them, even if you've never performed the song before. With chords and lyric sheets, you can dive right in and try it, live and in-person.

    For any question on the course, go to that section in the forums and ask. Read the answers that are already there, first, then ask follow-up questions if you have them.

    The student areas of the forums is broken down into chunks much like the course.

    Volume 1
    Volume 2
    Volume 3
    Volume 4
    Volume 5
    with subcategories within each volume.

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