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Hello guys,

I just wanted to make an update on my progress. I'm on Stage Two for the first week and I must admit, the exercises are quite challenging, mostly stretching the chest voice part. But I'm always looking forward to the end of the workout, when Ken says: "OK, here is where it gets really cool..." and I can finally "release the Kraken" (OK, it's just baby Kraken now, but it's growing). I mean I can finally start leaning into the sound and adding more volume to it. Would you be so kind and listen to the sample? I had some troubles with covered sound I used in my bel canto singing and would like to know if I am still covering it, even little and if I should practise it even brighter with more support.




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    Your voice is really starting to sound nice and crisp now.  I'm not hearing much of a covered sound to my ears.  I think it would be OK if you did keep going for even more brightness, but I have to say it's sounding very good to me.  I'm hearing very good support and lots of stability.

    You're on a very good track.  Keep up the good work.


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    Thank you very much for your feedback. It's great to have you here.

    Good singing to you.
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    Yeah I agree it does not sound operatic at all any more, well done. From this point on it would really be up to yourself to tweak the amount of brightness you want in your sound and start gradually adding more chesty "umph" to it. 
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    Thanks @ragnar,

    I would like to have more chesty sound, because there`s the meat, but stretching the chest is problem that worries me the most. I have so many questions about the Mid section. I think I`ll post them in the proper category.
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    @Semi - i have no idea how you hit those high notes so easily! - how long have you been doing the program? 

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    Hi @DavidG,

    I`m in the program from september, doing the Stage 2 exercises for last two months.
    Yes, the more I do this program, the more easily I can hit them. Here in KTVA you get the best information how to grow your voice;-)
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    @Semi came into KTVA from a classical singing background.  He wanted to be able to add more edge and power to his voice, and to have the option to sing without the "covered" sound of classical vocalists.

    He has made great strides and continues to do so.  He has the right idea, to keep working those upper mids.  This can be a very long and slow process.  It tries your patience, and gives rise to doubt because it cannot be done immediately, regardless of your current capabilities. 

    It's like he's on the last leg up Mount Everest.  Many give up or just don't make it, because it can be so arduous.  Semi is going to make it to the Mountaintop.  He's getting very, very close, and he has the willpower and the desire to power himself that last, difficult, seemingly impossible leg of the journey. 

    Once he attains this, and burns it into muscle memory, he will have added much to his vocal arsenal. 

    He will still have other mountains to climb, but one of the most difficult ones will be under his belt, chalked up to experience.

    Go, Semi, we're rooting for you!


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    Wau @highmtn,

    thank you so much for this encouragement! You´ve really made my day:)))))))
    I´m going to print this comment and hang it on the notice-board, so I can read it everytime I have doubts that I can make this long journey to the very top.
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    Thanks for the feedback @Semi  and @highmtn (aka Everest?) - I'm checking out stage 1 and stage 2 at the moment, I definitely need to work a bit on support and general well-being and I'm trying hard not to make "high-notes" into the Holy Grail - I'm getting the feeling that mastery of vowel mods, better tone and more flexibility might be more sensible goals at this point. Also trying to remember to keep writing and enjoying what I can already do! - as in..it doesn't matter that I'm still at Base Camp...it's a nice enough place to hang-out...just part of the trip!  :)

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    It´s a great tour, believe me. It will unleash the monster in your voice:)
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