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Returning to singing after a loooong time, help needed!!!

Hi all, this is my first post and I am super grateful for any support I can get!

20 years ago I got a nodule and a cyst from singing incorrectly with my band at the time. I opted for surgery as I knew of no other alternative. The experience freaked me out and I mostly stopped singing until now. So at 39 I am keen to understand how to sing properly and enjoy this passion of mine!!

What I see as my biggest challenge is of course vocal tension! I very easily get a slight sore throat from doing warm ups. I am now at the point where I have almost no tension, but the notes I sing are quite low. Do I need to just gently stretch and strengthen my lower register and work my way up?

My chest voice feels good, but my head voice is a bit weak. Right now I have been focusing on breathing correctly and correct body alignment, plus those low notes.

Any advice would be much appreciated! I am also happy to make a video of me singing, but I thought to share a video of me singing warm ups because that is all I am doing right now to avoid vocal strain which seems to happen so quickly. Or should I share a video of me singing a song?

Thank you kindly, EllyM


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