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IMPROVEMENT! Fallen Angel New Link

ContraltoLivesMatterContraltoLivesMatter Member Posts: 124
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This is just a recording off my cell phone. I'm pitching better and brighter than usual. Sometimes I notice I can have a "Too bright like edge on my vocal sound" don't know what that means. However; I've got the song worked up to rehearsal ability.
Using my diaphragm support "really using the muscles" but when they get toned up it will be great!
Really quite proud of my little achievement here's the link keep in mind it is a Cell Phone recording that was sitting half a room away from myself when it was recorded. https://www.dropbox.com/s/io4v0m0959987lv/My recording 8.wav?dl=0

* I also discovered the breathing pattern of the song, So before I would only sing short phrases at a time, which I got from Micki Steele I guess....But now I felt what it's like to be able to "Slide into a note from a previous phrase. This week has been non stop improvements.
*So I am beginning to sing like me I kinda got a feel for what I sound like. I held a bit of tension between vowels on my diaphragm too which helped Hold my Placement in the song.

Imagine what I could do When I buy the course... I want it on USB with the leather USB holder! LOOKS great in the pics for the course on the home page.

Also, Even-though a contralto by nature...I think I got into a low Alto here correct me if I'm wrong on that.



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