Hi from Ontario

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I grew up with music as my Dad was in a band as lead vocalist as well as playing the guitar. His voice was amazing and he could sing Roy Orbison songs better than anyone else other than Roy himself. Unfortunately he ruined his voice after years of singing incorrectly and when he did take lessons, its was pretty much too late.

I started learning the guitar at 13 and tried to sing as well, and now almost 40 years later I'm still trying to sing. In my heart I want to sing, and sing good, but I've never felt I'm even close. I record myself, and while pitch is pretty good, the rest of the sound is.... well get the gun and put that sound maker out of its misery, then I realize its me LOL. I don't know if its my cleft lip and pallet that is causing the issue; my lip has been corrected but my pallet hasn't been fully corrected or not...... maybe I should get an vocal assessment done before I start into lessons...

Anyway, I'm hoping to start on this course and I know at this point there is only one way to go.... get better.



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