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Hi, I'm Klaus from Berlin, Germany. I got the course because I found Ken's free stuff on youtube, worked with it for a short while and noticed a first improvement after a week or so (my singing is really bad to begin with, so any pointers were a great help and made a difference). my band mates also said they could tell a difference. it's acoustic ska/punk so i was singing a few songs with them even with my "bad" voice as that's not so important in the genre ;)

After doing the YT stuff for about 2 weeks (mainly the warm-ups, open throat exercises and chest/mixed voice) I figured it would be a waste of time not starting the full course right away, and here I am! we got a small show lined up in March 2019, which will hopefully help us get other tiny gigs, so being semi-decent for that gig (and improving beyond this point) is my main focus right now.

I had this other course rotting away on my hard drive for a few years that someone gave me once, but it was not really clear in which order to do the exercises, it had no structure and I never really used it. i don't even want to blame that other teacher, maybe it was my own fault for not using it correctly, but I feel Ken's course here is so well structured and he is such a motivating person that anything else seems to be a waste of time anyway :)

I am looking forward to doing the program, and it's great to read/hear all the stuff that's going on here on the forum.

Best regards, Klaus


  • Hi Klaus, I think you will enjoy doing this program. It rocks.

    Just remember to take your time, and not worry about rushing through it. This is going to be the singing voice you create for the rest of your life so you may as well do it right. right? ha ha

    Concentrate on the details of the techniques, do your exercises consistently, and you should start noticing changes. Some things will take longer than others, but be patient.

    Looking forward to hearing something from you in the near future.

    Peace, Tony
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    Hi videoace and HuduVudu, thank you :)@videoace: you are totally right, it is my intention to not rush it... i am doing one hour of the course per day (going through all the Vol 1 Audio Starter Workouts Dudes & Main Audio Workouts, then the Better Pitch one), and then practise my songs for maybe 1-2 hours (give or take). is that OK or do you think it's already too much? i'd say the songs are rather low energy compared to the hard-rock stuff that I hear on Ken's YT channel if that makes any difference. one of the bands I really like is Rancid so what I do is kind of similar. they kind of got me into singing because the singer is not an amazing singer so that made me think it is maybe possible for me to sing, too
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    Hallo Klaus, @Klaus_Trapp

    herzliche Grüße aus dem wilden Süden (Nahe Ulm). Ich bin jetzt 5 Monate dabei und habe mich auch für 2.0 PRO entschieden. Ich übe ebenfalls jeden Tag (7 Tage / Woche) 1 bis 1,5 Stunden. In den 5 Monaten habe ich wirklich schon viel gelernt. Zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben, kann ich den Ton treffen und halten.

    Ich hoffe, bald die ersten Demos von Dir zu hören.

    Liebe Grüße,
    Marco (Doc)
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    Hallo @doc_ramadani. Grüße nach Ulm :) Machst Du auch einfach alle Übungen von Volume 1 in einer Reihe? Das mache ich. Ja, bin auch super motiviert. Hab Deine Story gelesen, alle Gute nachträglich! ;)
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    Hallo @Klaus_Trapp,

    ja mache ich auch. Zuerst Lip Rolls und Tongue Exercises. Dann die Übungen einmal komplett in Chest Voice und ein weiteres Mal Bridging. Dazu brauche ich knapp eine Stunde. Mache ich täglich. Viele hier machen zuerst das Bridging und dann Bruststimme. Ich habe es mir andersherum angewöhnt. Ich singe zuerst in Bruststimme und im zweiten Durchgang bridge ich dann in die Kopfstimme.
    Liebe Grüße,
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