Hello from CT.

Hi!! 😊
My name is Pam I have had the Pro Course for awhile now. Previous to Ken’s course I had been trained my other vocal coaches. One of which was an opera singer I was trained in Bel Canto. It was a good platform in which to move in from. The open throat technique comes easy as using vowels (even the limited ones) gave me the ability to understand the concept. I didn’t want to be stuck in that genre but, I have a very powerful voice.. I didn’t need a microphone 🎤 so I expanded out to Country music and Rock and Rol. I opened for Toby Keith and a few others but tradgedy struck my life which left me (not physically) but mentally unable to sing a note. It has taken some time to regain my self esteem and to take back my voice. Now as any instrument I needed to “re-tune” it Ken’s course so far has been amazing I am OCD with “vocalizing” or practicing I watch the videos and take the DVD in the car and sing along with it. Feels great to be back in the proverbial groove. Self esteem still needs some work but it’s one day at a time. I also love horses and I was a fitness athlete and model and I’m a black belt in the Martial Arts. I wanted to just say Hello and that I am thrilled to be part of the KTVA.


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