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Will ken ever train people to teach his course?

Hi guys and gals,

So i was just wondering recently , the course looks great and all but the one thing that i think is hard is that you can't get any real time feedback unless you can afford to spend the big bucks ( which i am sure is totally worth it) . i mean true there are these forums and the singer forums, but real time feedback and or in person lessons really can help alot.

I keep seeing people asking who ken would recommend to teach, So it got me thinking, will ken ever train people he thinks are competent to teach his methods and allow them to teach his course across the world? it seems there is high demand for learning to sing well and knowledge but only 1 ken and this sort of thing might help some across the globe learn faster and have even more success.


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    HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    It is basic supply and demand. Though it seems Ken's course and his one on one's are expensive the truth is that cost is only one piece of the puzzle. This is the thing about business' that people get very confused about. They see the price, they may even know the mark up, but they fail every time in understanding the volume piece of the equation. For example, let's say that Ken charges $100 dollars an hour for a one on one (I know this isn't correct price), well that $100/hr of pure profit right? No, and it is much worse. What if only gets one of these once a week, well that is $400 per month. Not quite what we think of our jobs and hourly rates. In a job there is usually some guarantee of hours. Ken as business owner gets no such guarantee. There is no guarantee month to month or even year to year. Because of this business owners are very loathe to bring on employees. The sales have to be overwhelming for a long time for a owners to considering bringing help. Because if they screw it up then they have an employee that they have to pay every week/month and if sales fall off they can't just get rid of the employee.

    Also bringing on more people NEEDS to translate into more business. If it doesn't then the overhead has been raised and that means the owner gets paid less. This often ends up being the owner working harder for less money. This creates a disincentive and owners in this situation usually just burn out and quit. Not really the situation we as customers want.

    We are fortunate that Ken understands the basic tenants of business and knows how to teach singing. The combination of these two skills are rare and especially in such a niche industry.
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    It's not just the business side. Ken would have to personally train each instructor which could take years, and then he would have to trust that person to only teach his techniques without deviating from the program. After investing all of that time, and money into someone, chances are they will eventually leave and open up their own shop, and then you're stuck trying to fill that position with a KTVA certified instructor.

    It is a good idea, and I think I've even asked something similar before, but it would be more of a headache than it would be of a benefit.

    Peace, Tony
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    mistic_impmistic_imp 2.0 PRO Posts: 23
    edited May 2019
    hmm makes since, i just wish there was a better way to get personal one on one feedback. Sure wish i could afford ken! I am sure he is worth every penny LOL I WISH it was only 100$ to do a lesson with him LOL
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