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vocal fatigue

Hello. I've been having pain in my voice for the past week my voice sounds a little raspy, though i have the scratchy sensation more than is heard and my throat feels very soar. How do I treat this? Do I keep 1 day of silence or do light warm ups( what are the warm ups to do and how long if this is the treatment)


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    Keep doing your exercises, but do them lightly until the scratchiness goes away.
    It probably feels like you need to clear your throat constantly?
    That is usually from over singing (shouting, singing too loudly).
    Always remember, "Only sing as loud as you can connect". which means that if you're cracking, yodeling, sounding froggy, or distorted, you need to back off of the sound (volume), and sing it lighter until there are no breaking up of the notes, or choking off the notes.

    Peace, Tony
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