I wish I started singing earlier!

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Gday mates! Im a 37 year old dude from Australia and started practising singing a little over half a year ago, and Sam Smith of all people! I struggled with self consciousness and my inability to get through a whole song without topping or bottoming out my range unless I had a fair bit of liquid courage. My girlfriend sings a lot and smashes it, she is very musical and has all the gear. I remember thinking to my self that singing is one of my last fears to conquer and I suddenly decided that now was the time to try. After 3 months of just singing I did notice some improvements, mostly stamina and a couple extra notes but what got me hooked was how after a while I could tell there was a change in my voice after I had warmed up a bit, the singing voice! That's when I thought I should take the next step and start structured training.
So after you tubing a bit of course KTVA popped up and I really liked how Ken had so many videos free to give you little titbits but mostly I liked the way he encourages you to trust that everyone has the ability if they have the guts. His personal and student demonstrations are very inspiring and to be honest I had no idea what I would find in the forums. In fact I didn't even sign in straight away, but im overwhelmed with the support and constructive criticism to help people on their journey that I have found here. Watching so many videos of people starting out and improving has given me the biggest boost in confidence and also helped train my ear for my own singing. I regret not posting any earlier videos but will make an effort to keep regular updates.
I work a strange roster, it requires me to stay at a camp for a week then I go home for a week. People work night shifts and get up very early as well so noise is a big issue and I cant practice in my room (although I haven't tried the pillow thing yet). A lot of my job requires me to sit in a car for hours on end and that is where I do all my practice. I try to do this nearly everyday at work but at home I might only get a few days of standing practice and the support feels so different I feel like I cant get my lower belly out enough. My role at work is a trainer and assessor and I got into it because I love passing on my own knowledge to help others. I have also loved training all my life, whether for sport or gym, keeping records and seeing improvements is a big rush. My karate teacher also said when I was young "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect" and Ive carried that through to now.
That's me in a nutshell, I look forward to being a part of this awesome community!



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    Hi @Wigs,

    a very warm Welcome. I started 5 months ago. It was on my 48th birthday. :smile:

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    Wigs I wished I would have started singing seriously when I was your age ... that was 12 years ago. :)
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    HI @Wigs its never too late, I started 16 trying to sing and really decided taking vocal lessons till 24 so that made 8 years of not really knowing anything and just yelling, I still wish I could have started when I was a Kid or at least vocal lessons at 16 it would have saved me tons of time, but its never too late, and BTW I started doing KTVA when I was around 31 i think, now im 37 and thats when I really understood more how to use it, still took a while, and im still not where I want to be, though I can do a lot fo things , I still am not that great doing harmonies or soft textures, kind of like adam levine, RnB type of texture so I still have a lot to learn there is a world of stuff that has to be worked, it doesnt come free :/ and Im willing to put the time so get ready for this journey its gonna be awesome and you are gonna enjoy it a lot :)
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    Welcome to your new home, @Wigs. You will fit right in. You're gonna ROCK!
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