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Open throat and Posture while playing an instrument.

It's really difficult as a singing drummer to keep good posture and an open throat. When playing a standard groove I can maintain, but once I need to look down or play a fill, my technique goes to France :-). At times I must also read charts depending on the project or show, forcing poor posture. I try to locate the Mic and play with good posture in mind but it's hard. I also notice my bandmates, (Keyboards and Guitar), setting their mics low so they can see thier keyboard or fret board so much their chin is nearly touching their chest. What advice can anyone offer?


  • Get a headset mic. That should take away a lot of your troubles.

    Peace, Tony
  • BuzzrollBuzzroll Posts: 92.0 PRO
    Thanks for your reply. I do use a headworn at low volume shows where I play a Cajon setup. The one I use is an AKG and it picks up ambient drums especially my HI-Hats on louder rock gigs where I play a full kit... the sound guy hates when I use it. I may try a Crown as they are super-cardioid (I think) but they are so expensive. No matter what mic I use I still have to look down or to the side depending on the situation. :)
  • BuzzrollBuzzroll Posts: 92.0 PRO
    I use a headset mic on my Cajon setup, It works with this set up as we play a low volumes. But playing rock the headworn mics pick up to much of the ambiante drums. The other issue with headworn mics is you can't adjust attack/backing off as most have set booms... I used an AKG which uses a gooseneck so I can easily move it while singing. Harder when playing a kit.
  • BuzzrollBuzzroll Posts: 92.0 PRO
    One thing I just thought of... I'm going to video myself at rehearsals and gigs to check on posture ETC to see how bad it really is.
  • I play drums too, and it is hard number one placing a mic within all of the hardware, etc....also when I have sang playing the drums my head turns a little to the side, and sometimes I have to lean forward to reach something, and the mics usually in the way too so I feel your pain.

    I try to put the stand behind me so when I swing the mic around to sing, it's almost pointing directly at me. When I sing playing drums I like to use my sm58. It's omni directional so it will pick up my voice even if It's not directly pointing at me.

    You just have to experiment with all of it to get the personal touch, or happy medium.

    Peace, Tony
  • BuzzrollBuzzroll Posts: 92.0 PRO
    ah.... good point Tony! I use a Beta 87C cause it cuts out background stuff and it really sounds great, but I have to "eat it" when singing. When I play in the rock band, my vocal mic is gated to cut out ambient drums and instruments while I'm not singing so using the 87C may not be that necessary. It was expensive so I have a hard time giving it up :-) ... but I hear what you're saying. I have a Beta 58 I use at rehearsal and a SM 58 in my drum studio. I'll try using the SM58 at my gig tomorrow. Thanks Tony!!!
  • Let me know how it works out for you.

    Peace, Tony
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