Hi from OC California.

Hi I sing for fun and I do enough of it to want to spend 300$ on a course. Good to meet everyone.


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    Hi, ttttrigg3r!

    You will have a BLAST singing as your voice grows like a MONSTER, now that you have KTVA to teach you how it's done by the PRO'S!




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    Welcome aboard mate. With all the extra info in the Webinars and here on the forum 300 bucks is a steal really.
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    Thanks. I have two initial questions.1) I've seen the word "Monster" a few times around the forum. Is there a meaning associated to it?
    2) How do I change my Password? I was assigned one and would like to change it to something I can easily remember. I can't find the Account section to DIY.
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    Whoa, ttttrigg3r!!!!

    Let me start off with question number two... 

    See the word "inbox" near the top of the page, in blue letters?  Click that.

    Then select Edit Profile, then Change My Password.


    Now, with regard to the word "Monster"... here in the land of KTVA, many aspiring vocalists wish to attain the critical acclaim of their friends and acquaintances, and the world in general as it pertains to a highly accomplished vocalist, performing magical feats of vocal acrobatics that are hard to ignore, very much like


    While actually having a real monster in your face might not be something you would like to have happen, being called a MONSTER vocalist is one of the highest compliments many vocalists could receive.  Ronnie James Dio, for example, would be considered a MONSTER vocalist.  Ronnie himself was not an actual monster.  He was a MONSTER vocalist. There have been and are a number of MONSTER vocalists.  Amaze your friends and become a MONSTER vocalist.  

    Yes, you too, can become a monster vocalist.  Just follow the instructions, to the letter, in your KTVA lessons.  Practice, perfectly.  Add effort, determination, and consistency. Mix in your dreams and desire to succeed, and PRESTO!  

    My best to you, ttttrigg3r!




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    Thanks for the information I'm really learning a lot. Just started watching DVD1. I'm missing a CD1 though am I supposed to get a Vol1 CD? I have a total of 7 Discs  but no Vol1 CD. I do have a Vol3 bonus and Vol1 Bonus but they are both DVDs, so I can't start on my audio training.
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    Please list the titles of each disc you received.

    We can then do an inventory and see what you may be needing.  Perhaps the audio is included on one of the discs you have, or an audio file link has been emailed.

    Mine were all sent as email MP3 files, I believe, and I burned my own CD's for audio. 

    Let us know what you got, and we'll see what's up!



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    Ok this is the titles of the discs I have. Vol1 DVD, Bonus Data DVD1, Vol 2 DVD, Vol 2 CD, Vol3 DVD, Vol 3 CD, Vol 3 Bonus Data.  That's a total of 7 discs. From what I see from the pictures on the main page, I'm missing a couple. I called the number on the  box but got a machine to leave a message.
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    I've forwarded your inventory to KTVA. You may have already been contacted by now, but if not, you will be soon.

    As information, any inquiries can be sent directly to [email protected].

    For quick turnaround, it helps to copy and paste into your email your email receipt for your bundle.

    You should be rockin' soon!


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