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Head Voice Tone

Hello, I'm new to the forum, so I don't absolutely know what I'm doing. But hopefully, I don't post this in the wrong place.

My question is about head voice, but more specifically, the tone of it.

I have a strong chest voice, and I can easily get into head voice (not the airy flutiness of falsetto, but actual head voice) with ease and comfortability, with no strain. But still, the tone is very sharp and--if it's not a misguided term, which it may very well be--weak. I'm certain it's not falsetto. And my actual question is, will practicing the exercises to strengthen head voice naturally fix this problem? Or am I not getting the same tone in head voice that I am in chest voice because I need to strengthen my mix voice? Will bridging the gap between the two allow me to carry my same tone throughout all registers?

I have to say that I am mostly self-taught with more recent help and guidance from Ken's videos on head voice and mix voice.

Any help or information on the subject would be helpful!



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