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Super charged ferrari

Am I wrong about this?

When I started I was like anyone that listens to singers

It sounds like they are in a super charged Ferrari, with hands on the wheel, pedal to the floor, shifting gears and screaming down an airport runway.

So when I would do my vocal exercise, I thought loud was better.
Like everyone else I would say.
I can only sing loud.

Everyone in the house could hear me
Beat on the door and ask me to keep it down.

So I turned the speakers on the lowest setting that I could, just enough to hear.and sing over.

I began singing as light and bright as I could
Just enough to make a sound
And found that I'm not just heard by everyone in the house
But by everyone on the block.
The quiter I try to be, the louder I became.

I know Ken covers this
And I'm sure everyone listend.

That was some time back
Once I was able to navigate through all my registers i found that light a bright is awesome.

It seems to me more like taking that same super charged Ferrari

Parking in the drivrway
Pulling the steering wheel off
Pulling the gear shift out
Setting the park brake
And stomping the pedal to the floor
Just to see how high the rpms can go.

Though it only works if you can keep open throat and navigate through the notes first.
Then you can set
The volume at 1
Air at zero
And support at 10

Then you'll be blasting off like a fog horn
With something less than a whisper

At that point if you did have a steering wheel or shift, you might end up running the car through the house and landing in the neighbor's pool.

I like loud, but I have found that light and bright

Is louder and better


  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi @tonyoftucson,

    you summed it up in a very nice metaphor und gifted me a smile. Thank god, my neighbor has no pool. :D

  • tonyoftucsontonyoftucson Pro Posts: 14
    I need to expand on this

    After watching Ken's 1 hour video
    On this topic
    Called how to belt without going hoarse.

    I realized that some may take what I said as meaning to only sing lightly with a lot of power behind it.

    That's not what I meant at all

    The only vocal training that I've had comes fro ktva and my own experience with it

    When I practice a phrase in a song
    I practice it lightly
    Using the technique that I've learned

    Paying a lot of attention to what I'm doing and how I'm doing it
    At lower volume

    As I increase volume
    I have to focus even more
    On keeping that same
    Low soft volume feel in my vocal area

    If I'm choking notes and stumbling on words at low volume
    Then I'll do the same at higher volumes
    Only at a higher degree

    The louder I get the more my entire kneck area wants to squeeze down

    Which makes it even more critical
    To remember how it felt when I was singing lightly and brightly at a low volume

    That's a real battle

    My surrmation is this

    The louder you get
    The more you have to relax into it
    And remember what you've learned

    One day that first post will make sense

    Until then follow ktva course exactly
    It will reveal itself on it's own

    If you rush it
    Then your not paying attention to what Ken is teaching

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