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Hello :D
Im writing a new song with my band, and im having a hard time with the chorus. I know how I want sing it, but i dont know if im doing it safely or in the right way. Probably the most dificult part of a song I've ever wrote.And Im a bit down about it, because i feel my voice are always looking for a shortcut or a way of doing it, or maybe is just things in my head , dont know. I need your thoughts about my way of sing it, and any help will be welcome. I'll leave here a sample of the last rehearsal. Thank you very much.


  • Maybe this will help. When you practice the song at home..... Play, and sing it a half step higher.
    That way when you tune everything back down it should be a piece of cake.

    Your voice sounds a bit nasally, but the tell tale sign of whether you are singing correctly or not will be your own voice. Does it feel itchy, irritated, or fatigued when you sing that song? Especially after the chorus?

    You shouldn't feel any discomfort during, or after singing.

    Peace, Tony

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    Hello @videoace , thank you very much. Yeah i will try to do it a step higher, and see if i can do it. The thing, is that i probably carry to much weight and make it difficult. Do you think im belting to much? No, im not feeling irritated, only fatigue after 2h of training this xD maybe im using to much mask :/ i will show our last single, but i guess my voice is a bit nasal

  • The vocal on the studio song was more controlled. It seemed like you were putting more pressure on your cords for the chorus example. Like you were "forcing" the vocal instead of relaxing, and letting the diaphragm do the work.

    Cool vid by the way!

    Peace, Tony
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    I guess you're right @videoace . I'm more focused in reach for it, instead of control it. I really need to control my support. Sometimes it seems that i forget how to do it. And thats where my difficulty is, in my support. I guess i didnt find the right feeling of it. Im doing everything like Ken says, but even now i dont know if im doing it right, and put much pressure on the chords.

    Thank you
  • Hey Tim,
    I think you may be trying too hard on this vocal. The studio recording sounds much more relaxed.

    When you do work on your support, concentrate everything there, Everything else should be completely relaxed. If you have any tension in the throat or around it, you will end up having to force the notes in the throat instead of letting the mid section do the work.

    If you need to get more detailed information, you should post in one of the Volume categories. I'm not sure if this category is for students, or general public.

    Peace, Tony
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