Greetings from Germany

Hi there,

I purchased the pro course a few days ago, worked through a big chunk of volume one and finally wanted to introduce myself to this nice community. I play some instruments like flute, saxophone, drums, guitar and piano - mostly self-taught and therefore not really good. But it was good enough in order to play in some bands. I used to write my own songs and be the front-guy in those bands, i. e. singing and playing guitar. So you can hear my voice and the songs I wrote with my band here:

https://soundcloud.com/sunwater-band (I consider the songs at the bottom of the page to be better than the ones at the top)

This was about seven years ago. Now I have two daughters, who consume most of my time and my former band-mates live in another town so the band split up. But I try to improve my piano skills with an online course, since I can practice with headphones when they sleep and finally decided to try the same with singing (still wondering when I should practice).

See you around ... greetings ... Listeningtoo


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