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How to reach the level of the Singer who Inspired you to sing?

DevonMooreDevonMoore Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 44
OK so I have to get your guys opinion on this because it was the spark that started everything for me and is still a large flame that fuels this passion.

So there is a Kazakh man named Dimash Kudaibergenov who is literally the most amazing singer I've ever hear and he's even around my age too.... and yes while I love his voice, I don't want to imitate the sound per say but I do what to know to use my voice the way he using his.

he's super technical and has this flexibility and complete control over his voice, while doing so seemingly effortlessly and to me it's what I want to have in my own singing. I'm sure there so much more then this too.

I understand the years of dedicated practice (high level as both his parents are professional singers also) but I'm talking more on what kind of practice that was, the years of sweat, blood and tears is fine lol

What do you think?

Any ideals on what kind of practice needed?

How would you practice to get to the level of your inspiration?

Here a few links if you want to check out this amazing man:




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