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I am from MI and I'm brand new to professional singing training. Don't let the makeup frighten you, I'm mostly doing this cause I like to represent the makeup glam rock bands of the day but I also do this for my family as I like to protect their identity as they're uncertain of me singing and playing rock even though I never play or sing songs like Ozzy or anything (no disrespect at all but my faith is first and foremost in my life just as it is with Ken :) I'm always respectful to everyone no matter what :) )

I chose my stage character as I feel wolves are one of God's magnificent, beautiful creatures with the boldest of voices, one straight from their heart and they're a family oriented animal just like how my faith and family are super important to me. Plus always been a loner growing up anyway.

When it came to singing I was self taught as a kid the audience was in my head and my car or quiet area was my stage. I did do acting in high school and college and I love entertaining and making people feel happy and in return I feel happy. But acting isn't the same as singing. In acting you have a script and voice style all there for you but when it comes to singing I felt more pressure as you have to get so much just right.

I decided at 31 it's time to break out of the shell and try to shoot for a dream even though everyone else thinks it's a bad idea. Even if I don't get famous I figured there's nothing wrong with a new skill and doi g what you love and maybe my church can use an extra singer. Anything I do I want to make sure it brings glory to God and brings a smile to others long before me.

I am an open book at this point but fair warning I have little to no self confidence. Something I always struggled with as a kid and I'm hoping this will help break down that wall for good. So please any advice you have I'm more than open. I want to sing classic rock with the flare and theatrics of KISS, message and lyrics of Strypers and even Ken's band and guitar riff of all the above. Sounds crazy I know but it's a passion. Plus I figured with the makeup on and no one recognized me, I couldn't embarrass my family name if i fail lol

God bless yall and sing on!



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