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Hello from Italy

JINJIN Posts: 12.0 PRO
Hi everybody, I'm from Italy born in Argentina but Livin in London currently and just got into the course because my girl bought it for me. I've been following Ken since 2012 and always trying to start to sing but, was discouraged when heard how I sound like. Recently I changed my mind and I thought, well my voice doesn't sound as bad as I used to think, and then my girl bought me the course like a present so I'm more than happy.
I don't actually aspire to be a great singer, but let's say my goal would be to be able to perform properly my favorite songs and who knows one day...
I know I'm still very young, but I'd have loved to start the KTVA like 4 years ago, so at this point, I think I'd have gotten pretty decent at singing, but I hope to do my best from now on.


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