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Confused on what to focus on right now!

Hi there!

I have tension issues that seem to keep me forever in the humming stage.
I have the tendency to be impatient, but also a bit fearful that my voice will always be at the humming level...any advice or support?

Thank you! EllyM


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    Out of your paragraph, one word stuck out. "Fearful"

    Are you afraid to sing out loud? Is that where the tension is coming from?

    There are a lot of different relaxation methods you can work with, but what you really need to understand is that relaxing is a part of your singing. The more relaxed you can be the better your voice will sound. Think of relaxing as another technique. Techniques have to be learned.

    Did you purchase the course? If so you need to update your status to a student.
    You can do that by contacting the KTVA support crew.


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    EllyMEllyM Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for your advice 'videoace '.

    I am really learning how to relax areas I only just realized existed in a way!

    I heard the tongue described as a 'beast' and it does feel that way sometimes!

    Fear does not help at all with singing that is for sure - I think a lot of it has to do with expanding my awareness and muscle memory.....like you said " Techniques have to be learned."

    I have not bought Ken's product, but thanks for the heads up if I do.

    Bye, EllyM
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