Hello, you guys! :)

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 My name is Jelly. I have a dream joining xfactor 2013. But I'm just a beginner and the open auditions 2013 is coming in next May. I don't have much time. I need someone to tell and check the song choices for me to apply or join it. I'm from Houston and I need help from webcam because I can not come to California for singing lessons this time. I just can take Ken's lesson online with download wersion, This will change my life forever. So that I can help a lot of people in my country. So who can help me I thank you much and never forget from bottom of my heart. I love our forum very much. It gives me inspiration to make my dream come true. And I believe your teaching is my strength and I beleve in You and Me. It means a lot to me. >.<


God Bless,

 Jelly >,<


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    Start recording some demos after you have gone through the Stage One videos and worked on the audio workouts for a while.  We'll offer some tuneup suggestions if we hear something that might be helpful to you.

    This is a long journey that will last the rest of your singing life, so get settled in and start practicing!



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