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Cheers from Phoenix, Arizona y'all! My "Pre-KTVA" singing

Hey y'all,

My name is Steven Giurgiu (My parents are from Romania - hence the funky last name;), I'm from Phoenix, Az, and I have just joined KTVA. I hope to gain control over and push the boundaries of my voice, so that one day I can sing with expressive freedom, not being held back by lack of technique/vocal ability. I am a classically trained French Horn player, however I only started singing like 4 years ago. The musical training has developed my ear to pretty high level, but that just means I can hear every little imperfection/out of tune note that comes out of my mouth with no clue as to how to fix it, which makes listening to myself truly unnerving. Thus, I've refrained from recording myself to much over the years, but nevertheless here are few short phone recordings of covers that I thought were just decent enough to not get INSTANTLY deleted. I apologize for the background noise in some of the clips. I live in a small/crowded house that is perpetually noisy, so silence is a rare commodity 'round here:( Feedback is welcome:)


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