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Vocal confidence help....in a sense.

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Hey guys, 
i've been kinda on and off singing for about 9 months now. Because of two reasons, 
First being not having a band so not really having an incentive to practice (i know, its stupid)
and secondly, which is was i wanna talk about today, Confidence issues.
Basically now i have a band, we play heavy metal, although not a huge amount of screaming, i'm lead singer and rhythm guitarist. 
Now heres my problem, i'm not really at the standard of singing as i am on guitar, and as a result it makes my singing look worse than it really is, this adds to the problem.
But the main problem is support from friends, but mainly family. I've always been a musical person, although both my parents weren't serious musicians they were always supportive of my drumming, guitar, bass e.t.c. 
But now, we keep having these conversations about how i shouldn't be singing, find another singer, why sing when you're great on guitar, and just general stuff that really really knocks my confidence. 
At the moment i haven't been practicing or singing with the band because of it, i've had talks with my parents saying that what they're doing is making me really self conscious and i can't handle it. 
Alas, every time the subject comes up it moves on to, "Hey Chris, why not find a better singer and you stick to guitar". 
Now i'm not by any means a good singer, but thats probably down to the fact i've not been properly practicing, but they also don't really get the physics of singing, not everyone was born an amazing singer, personally i blame these shows like X-factor and American Idol, people are made to believe these singers have never practiced and never done anything to do with music and yet somehow they have this amazing talent. Now, yes, i can see some people do have it that easy, but the rest of us don't or..?

I don't think i'm tone deaf since i can play guitar by ear and work out songs, and if i'm singing and can hear myself i can tell when i'm not on key (to and extent, not Perfect pitched by a long shot).

Anyway, thats quite an essay, please please please someone contribute and help me, i'm close to throwing in the towel and abandoning that dream altogether.  



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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Hey Chris. It's tough when we don't get the support that we need from others. I remember my mom telling me to be quiet when I first started practising singing. That was 20 yrs ago, and they make a point to come to any show that I have now. It's hard for others to understand what it takes to be a great singer. The exercises can sound sillly and a little annoying to outsiders, but that's never stopped me. In my first band I didn't get a lot of the lead vocals but I dedicated myself to getting better. Now I front my own band have top 40 hits etc etc. my advice would be to work hard put in the time. Practise practise practise. It's tough to not care what people think, but get over it and move forward. Don't let it be a stumbling block. Some day you will have someone tell you that they live your voice. I'm guessing you've spent hours playing guitar and are better now then when you started. Apply that kind iof work to your voice. Try to practise where no one can hear you. Give it some time and you will get closer to your goals. All the best!
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    Hi, Chris,

    I agree with Scott.  When others don't encourage you, you have to encourage yourself.  You CAN go from being a mediocre or even bad singer to being really good or possibly Great, but it takes time and a LOT of dedicated practice. 

    How long have you had the KTVA program, and what stage are you on?  Some of us take longer than others to get to the point where our detractors take note and begin to think that maybe we ARE a contender to be a decent singer.

    KTVA contains a wealth of techniques and methods to get better tone, pitch, support, and range.  It just takes a lot of time to develop.  Building musculature and developing multiple coordinations takes time and effort.  You can do it, if you apply yourself and do the work that it will take.

    You aren't the first person to ever have the people you look to for encouragement tell you to give it up.  Many successful singers faced that same obstacle before you.  Don't let anyone take your dreams or your goals away from you.  Find a place to do your woodshedding where you won't be self-conscious about what other people think.  Singing is hard to do, until you learn how it's all done.  You will need to exercise and grow your voice, one step at a time.  Eventually you will get to the place you want to be. 

    Keep your eyes on the prize.  It's there waiting for you.  Go For It!


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