Hello everybody, I'm Juan from Honduras, currently living in the Netherlands. I'm @Diego 's brother

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Hello Everyone,

I'm a bit new to this, @Diego is my little bro, and have been impressed with the KTVA and how he has developed his voice with this course. Wanted to join the forum to support him and maybe eventually post some tracks as well :)

I like all types of music and genres. Among my favorite singers: Chris Cornell, Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Enrique Bunbury, Andi Deris, Eric Martin, Jay Kay, Marc Anthony, Gustavo Cerati, Tarja Turunen, Anthony Kiedis, John Mayer, Michael Hutchence, James Taylor to name a few.....

I'm working as a photo/video editor, but have always had music as my main hobby, playing guitar with a group a friends and later evolving to a more serious band, and now trying to make whole tracks by myself. I'm currently taking a music production course in Rotterdam on the weekends and will be learning to record vocals this year, hopefully maybe even sing.

A special shout out to @doc_ramadani for his support!


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    Hello @juanmarivley,

    so, finally your impolite, arrogant and self-overestimated foolish brother convinced you to join us. At least one thing this useless human being did right. :D

    I do not like him because he wins every weekly assignment. He takes my deserved victory every week. Can you stop him from singing that great? I will pay for it. :D

    @juanmarivley: A very warm welcome from Germany. Good to have you here together with your brother. It is very interesting what you are doing. Maybe, some day, you could make an original track for Diego. He has really great potential. I love to hear him singing - this useless fool. (AARGH, next week I will make it)


    PS.: Can you help "the fool" with the camera?

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    Welcome @juanmarivley welcome to the course and sure you will be singing good as your brother no time :D is this a bit of brother rivalry.

    Seriously great course look forward to hearing your progress.

    George (Vocality)

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