Hello from Central Canada

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I am from Winnipeg Canada north of North Dakota. I will be 65 in February 2019 and love to sing but never had a chance to do this full time and any reason would not be a good reason. Now I am retired and I do not like to sit and wait for time to just pass and go so one day I decided it is time to start doing something completely different. So singing and guitar and keyboard and synthesizer is now part of my second (maybe more) life. Beside other courses I am taking music is half of it. I started level 1 about a week now and I practice twice a day, I think if I do more it might hurt my throat/vocal chords. Do guitar twice a day for as long as my fingers can take it. That will also take a while to strengthen them. So, happy to be here and from pass experience, practice is the key to all achievements and to get better you need to fall because getting up is the best part of evolution. :)


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