Hi from The Netherlands

He guys!!
My name is Wietse a 20 years old redhead male, living in that tiny country we call The Netherlands.
Singing has always been a passion for me. I started early on in a church choir. I was the only boy among 20+ other girls, so I got al lot of lead parts. That was awesome. Later on ... puberty! Yep, my voice 'sufferd' a bit. ;)

I picked up singing a few years ago. What a wise choise it was! At the same time I came across this, the KTVA. The youtube channel. Ken is such a good vocal teacher!

But I want more! Party because I'm very curious to this forum. I'm sure it will give more fun in practice singing and performing.
And at the otherside: I'm going to be the lead vocalist of a rock band in my village. So a bit of practice and tips could be very useful!

So I'm very excited for the future. And I hope I can have a good time on this forum with you guys! :)


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