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Hi from Cornwall, England,United Kingdom

Hello All! I'm Gaz, Gary, Garence... i get called a lot of different names lol. I am partially deaf and am supposed to wear 2 hearing aids, but they are uncomfortable and they amplify everything. This probably wont be easy for me, but i have had a fire in my stomach since i was a teenager ( 47 now). I have sung for as long as i can remember, without music and singing, life would be a cruel joke. It is my escape. My happy place is when i get them feels. As a singer i would rate myself poor to not quite good enough to do karaoke, although i have and i got positive feedback. I have tried to learn to sing and have about 1000 videos on youtube, most of which i have made private after re listening to them and laughing at myself.. there are a few that i am half happy with but i know what is missing. A strong chest voice with a fierce call register. I have been loosely doing Kens daily warm up, but am waiting until i get the course before applying myself 100%. I am very excited about growing my voice. I will post a recording once ive read the rules again. Just wanted to touch base with my new family 🤘🤘🤘


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