True Critique

Hello there,

I'm a cover musician/songwriter based out of ohio. I have no formal training but I'm looking to start training soon, but in the meantime, I was wondering if the forum could help me out.you see I don't know exactly what I'm doing good or bad. I have a limited range but I like to believe I do decent inside the range i do have even if i have no idea what I'm doing technically. I'm attatching a link to a recent cover but feel free to peruse the channel for added Intel. I just need a good hard critique to help me know what directions to move forward. Thank you all for the time and I look forward to the input.



  • QuesoMcpesoQuesoMcpeso Member Posts: 2
    Thank you. I cant say I've learned any safe way to rasp. I was a kid, heard chad kroeger do it and from there on i was hooked to the grit, but I wouldn't know if I'm being safe about it. Now when you mean brighter, can you elaborate on the technique behind that? Is it more or less just opening the mouth more? Or is it like a vowell sound thing? I know I like that closed off vowell Eddie Vedder sound but i dunno if that's what would be classified as dark. Again thank you so much
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