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Hi, My name is Thiago and I'm from a very small city in Brazil. I'm 18 years old and I just started studing music. I love the 70's, Eagles is my favorite band of all time. I get very comfortable singing in D and i know that Don Henley is used to sing in C, like Best Of My Love , and D, like Hotel California. Do you think that one day I Can have the Don's vocal range?? Can you give me some tips about what to do next?

Thank you!!


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    Obtaining Don's range will take work, but is totally possible. Getting the grain-tone he has is obtainable as well.
    I would recommend that you row through all of Ken's free videos on YouTube, as they will help allot.
    If you come to realize that you want more in-depth training, by then you'll know allot of the foundational techniques, and you'll probably want to invest in the actual course :+1:

    Understand that this is not an overnight thing, it takes years of hard (fun) work to make your voice truly shine. But when you do, you'll be able to take on just about any genre.
    And the beauty of it is that you never stop getting better.. unless you stop training of course.

    Cheers from Canada!
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    @thiago3m , @Furious_Phil is right, check out this course, the one big regret people tend to have about it is not having started earlier. I also started with the free videos. I had discovered them much earlier but I didn't really "get it" so to speak, I was more on the lookout for a quick magic tip that'll make me better instantly, so I was browsing youtube. Ken's videos stood out from the others on youtube, but unfortunately, I just didn't know about the concept of practice/learn how to sing... I didn't know it means singing scales almost daily, and having a proper training regimen. So my tip, don't only watch the videos, follow along and do it DAILY, well you can have a rest day or two per week but give yourself 2-3 weeks to really make some progress with the free stuff (20-60 mins would be ideal, 60 mins to be preferred, more might be too much if you are just starting). You won't need any advertising for this course, you will notice in a very short time that this stuff WORKS. You will probably have to browse the videos a bit to get to know them before you can dive into the training (one tip: you know on youtube how you can see the little preview when you hover with the mouse on the timeline, whenever Ken holds a guitar, you know this is where the training part is). you should listen to what Ken says, but not every single time, best to squeeze in some more scales instead.

    The course is actullay much more structured than the videos, but they are free, and they in themselves are awesome enough. After less than a month on the free videos, I knew I needed to start the course.

    I posted my "free" routine for some other member when he was contemplating getting the course, you will find it here:


    (scroll down a few posts, it is the one with loads of video links)

    I am not saying this is the best way of starting out, it was just what I happened to do. The videos all have some exercises in them. Watch all of them first, then the next time, you can skip straight to the scales.

    and yes, you can increase your vocal range, it does take time though. The key of the song (like you mentioned for the two Eagles songs) is not the same as vocal range though. two songs in the same key can have a very narrow or a wide range of notes, and therefore can have varying levels of difficulty. you have to know the highest and lowest note in the vocal melody, and compare it to the highest and lowest note you can reach. you can also transpose songs in order to match your range (as long as your range is big enough to encompass all the notes present in the melody; if not, you need to increase the overall range first). sorry that sounds a bit complicated, I hope you know what I am trying to say...

    it's great that you found this course at your young age, I would have loved to start this course so much sooner.

    best wishes, Klaus
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