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When to start learning Falsetto?

Hey guys, so I started singing about 2 months ago and I have a question which really bothers me. So I mainly do breathing, then pitch exercises + vowel ones. And I focus mainly on breathing (cause it's the SUPPORT and the most important part right?) and I can hold a "hiss sound" for 40 seconds without taking a breath (which I think is ok). The thing that bothers me is that, I do chest only for now and I am already starting to feel the resonators and the bright sound that should come out of me when I do the exercises but I don't know if I should try falsetto (I don't know if I'm ready?). Because I transfer from chest to falsetto when I warm up and the note becomes high with no problem (and the voice doesn't crack) but I don't know if I should do falsetto centered only exercises. When do you think one is ready to start practicing falsetto? Hope you're having a great day everyone!


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