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how to conserve my air in the diaphragm

gusLgusL Posts: 82.0 ENROLLED
any tips on how to conserve my air? i find when i try to hold air in, i actually push more out. i know im doing something wrong


  • HuduVuduHuduVudu Posts: 1,635Moderator, 2.0 PRO
    You need to conserve air by using less when you sing. This is the reason for building diaphragmatic support.
    Check out this video on how to build proper support.

  • gusLgusL Posts: 82.0 ENROLLED
    i know that. The trouble i'm having is i don't know how to use less of it, if that makes sense. Ive been doing all the support exercises for awhile now and i still can't control my air.
  • DiegoDiego Posts: 8732.0 PRO
    Well. The first thing to ask is. How are you breathing in? Are you overfilling you lungs with air?
    Are you taking a correct posture? When you sing, are you standing or sitting?

    Can you post a video of you singing something? Maybe that can help us determine a solution.
  • gusLgusL Posts: 82.0 ENROLLED
    i went over the old videos again in the course and i may have found the problems but for information sake:
    Breathing to my stomach (abdomen/diaphragm )
    i possibly was overfilling my lungs.(or something in that sense). just to be clear: Should i take a full breath into my diaphragm? or maybe less?
    posture:back up straight, not tilting back or head/face in any direction
    also i am sitting, i understand that it should consequently cancel up to 30% of my support but i feel vulnerable standing. I grow tired and cumbersome more quickly.

    I'd love to post a recording or something but i don't happen to have my microphone on me, as i will be able to once i get home (on a trip)
  • DiegoDiego Posts: 8732.0 PRO
    Make sure that when you breath in your rib cage expands. I usually fill my lungs up to half their capacity. I usually record my songs sitting down lol so I can relate to you. Observe your shoulders and your chest. Are they rising too much? If they are... Then you are breathing in incorrectly. The video @HuduVudu sent is a perfect example.
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