Hey guys

Hey, guys.

So, I lost absolutely everything I originally had ready to post and had to start over so I will just sum it up this time:

My name is Josh. I live in Hermitage, TN just 10 mins outside of Music City Nashville but country isn't my thing, haha.

I go by Steamheartpunk because I have a strong love of punk rock DIY ethics, community, approach and I also had heart surgery that landed me a mechanic aortic valve.

I used to play in an old screamo band called endamori (pronounced enn-duh-morr-ee) in the vein of bands like Joshua Fit For Battle, Jeromes Dream, Circle Takes The Square, June Paik, Battle of Wolf 359, etc.. which always resulted in blown out voices and headaches. We kept NSAID's on hand. Some even resisted cancelling shows after spitting up blood but it was ignorant to think this was a badge of honor back then. Plenty of my heroes from the scene can barely sing or scream anymore.
Drew Speziale from Circle Takes The Square is a great example.

We broke up over time and I ended up reinventing myself as a musician out of necessity to exist and then I had a son and disconnected entirely from the old scene. I even got rid of my old setup and black, dark guitar tuned permanently to BFBEGC. I found myself listening to more of what I grew up on like Nirvana and The Pixies and some Sonic Youth and I aim to blend a style into a grunge meets no wave and noise but I want to become a better singer who knows how to sing and scream.

In between the band stuff, I used to sing a bit.

My main vocal inspirations are Kurt Cobain, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Kim Deal, Jeff Mangum, Jim Morrison, Anthony Green, etc.

I've tried singing many styles. Here are some results over the years:

My old band:

Old show footage:

Some original material, singing years ago:

Also a duet singing project with my fiance:

Old setup:

New guitar:

Happy to be here, guys.


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