Hello everybody from Greece

I am Ioannis from Greece. I am a farmer, a realy difficult job for someone who tries to sing. I am 44 and start practicing in byzantine music at my 40. I didn't knew anything about music except i was listening to it. I always knew that i had a heavy voice but after six months of practicing in byzantine music and doing ison, my voice changed dramatically. I have a contra bass voice with very big range, as it seems. I participate now in 3 choirs, and start singning european music 1,5 years before. A lot of people pressing me to sing opera as a basso profundo because my voice is ridiculusly ressonant in all the range. Unfortunatelly there is no one expert in my type of voice here in Greece and they are looking at me like an alien. I should go and live in Russia, haha.

So, i send a message yesterday to Mr Tamplins messenger to hear my voice and give me some first instructions and an expertise opinion. So, here i am. I will post some videos, in the proper area of the forum, from my channel in youtube and please feel free to comment, it will be a major help.

Greetings from Greece!!


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