Mary did you now, Amazing Grace, can't help falling in love, and with my daughter,

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2 versions of Mary did you know, from contra octave and from low octave. Unfortunatelly our house is small and can't practice any time, so everything is in piano mode.

My first time ever singing, live with lots of anxiety and closed throat. Amazing Grace in Low octave. Camera is in zoom mode from 20 meters, no mics

Can't help falling in love, in low octave

Just having fun with my little daughter


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    As expected your voice shakes the room when you are in the lower 1st octave after you go into a vocal fry for the lower notes which don't give as much as the others.
    I would like to hear some notes maybe in the 3rd octave and see how you do there?

    I see your daughter shares your talent!
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