Andrew here

Hello, everyone!

My name is Andrew Benson and I'm originally from Ohio currently residing in Florida (near Tampa). I have 3 boys ranging from 5-11. I grew up loving to sing and only got away from it in my youth during the vocal change of puberty. Didn't have a teacher at the time to encourage me to keep it up. Before that I was singing in a gospel choir and I found then I liked to sing wild and free. Decided to start singing again several years ago and used artists like Adam Lambert for influence and goal setting. After years of checking around YouTube for tips and tricks I wanted to go from hobbyist to pro. Having looked everywhere I found Ken to be the most honest teacher and decided to go all in. Today my program arrives and I look forward to giving updates. I'm going to record my progress starting with a before, during, and after completion to showcase the changes. Currently, I like to sing in the tenor/countertenor ranges, but also enjoy the rock vocals as well. Hope this wasn't too long of a read and I'll do my best to be active on here (trying to overcome social anxiety). For those who are curious, I'm 29, Christian, gamer, married, lover of various genres including opera, classical, clean(ish) rock and rap, and songs from any genre/artist that happen to fancy my ears!



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