Hello from Philly!

Whats up forum?! My name is Pete. I'm a 30yr old professional guitarist from Philly looking to really get a handle on singing for the first time in my life. I've had quite a lot of training and hours on my instrument over the last 15yrs, so I know how the process will go and am quite looking forward to the work. I've been in a little "musical slump" for the past couple years; just not really enjoying it as much as I used to. Practicing singing for the last few months has reinvigorated my spirit! I'm currently a sub-par (maybe an overstatement) vocalist just doing harmonies when I can with the group I work with most. Looking to eventually sing lead on a few songs and just add another notch to my tool belt to make me a more attractive option for new gigs. I've always struggled with my ear, but I can feel it getting better already which is a treat. Enough rambling, back to practicing!


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